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Bucharest, Romania
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"Jazz" is no coincidence. It's a jam session of talents and expertise with respect for personal expression and style. We are not followers, we are trendsetters, our personal goal being not to fall into patterns, recipes or shortcuts. But we do believe that creativity is a shortcut to impact. This is Jazz.

Advertising in all forms with a preference for storytelling. We believe in emotions that transcend any media.

We believe that advertising can truly change the world for good, so starting 2015, we have a SoulJazz platform under which we adopt each year a good cause.

In 2015, our campaign "A Voice for Songbirds #saveoursongbirds" managed to change an abusive hunting law with 0 budget.

In 2017, our campaign #togetherformagichome became the most engaging social campaign in Romania, a gesture of solidarity never seen before. It managed to raise in only 21 days 5 times more money than needed for a shelter for parents with children suffering from cancer. The campaign was both experiential and digital driven, engaging more people and celebrities in Romania than ever seen before. 


We work and worked for both local and international clients, like:

P&G (Pampers), Netflix, Avon, PepsiCO (Lay's), Hochland (dairy), KInder, Beck's beer, JTI, Nespresso, Provident loans, Allianz Insurance, Medlife medical system, Pufina, Orkla Foods, Grand Cinema and More.


We are the first independent Romanian agency to win a Gold Lion in Cannes. Also the first to be featured in Gunn Report among the first 15 agencies in the world to win both a Gold Lion and a Gold Effie for the same campaign. We have another Silver Lion for another campaign, 8 more shortlists in Cannes, among which one in Grand Prix for Good.  

We own a D&AD Impact Pencil, a Grand Effie, A Gold SABRE for Balkans and many other local awards (PR Awards, Effie, Internetics, Webstock, Fibra, Civil Society Awards). 

Our work has been noticed on platforms such as BestAdsOnTV or AdsOftheWorld.

We believe in awards that come after a super impactful campaign.