Imperial Woodpecker
Production Company
New York, United States

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Known primarily for its stylish company hats and letterpress stationery, Imperial Woodpecker is a commercial production company based in New York and Los Angeles.

Founded in 2009 by Doug Halbert and Stacy Wall, I.W., as it has come to be called by those in the know, has built a reputation for quality productions and even higher quality catering.

In addition to Mr. Wall, who finds himself now in the twilight of a marginalized career, Imperial, as it has also come to be known by those even more in the know, represents the following talented commercial directors:

Simon McQuoid, an Australian of fine repute.
Mark Zibert, a Canadian of the same repute.
Peter & Martin, a directing duo of doubly fine repute.
And Sam Brown, whose fine repute recently landed him at Imperial.

Much like the extinct but proud bird which gives the company its name, Imperial Woodpecker surveys the broad media landscape in pursuit of the same elusive dream upon which the company was founded:

To make the last commercial ever made.