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How does one production company stand out and rise above the crowd? We believe it starts with core beliefs we put in practice every day – relentless creative passion, integrity, partnership, and realizing the potential in every project.

We are Derek Sewell and Josefina Nadurata, and we’ve been making moving pictures for a good long time – over 35 years between us. We are hands-on executive producers with a diversified roster of intelligent, collaborative, forward-thinking directors whose work we admire. We hand pick fresh image-makers for their intelligence, unique creative storytelling vision, and collaborative nature.

Cool comes and goes, working models shift and mediums change, but the need to mate message to image in the most compelling way never does. Neither does your need for rock-solid production support. Bring your message and we’ll help you turn it into amazing images – as smartly, passionately, and economically as we can. It’s what we love. And, frankly, it’s all we know how to do.