Found at Sea
Production Company
Sydney, Australia
A:Suite 4, 535 Crown St, Surry Hills




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We love what we do. That’s why we do it. And it’s why many very nice people have got us to do what we do.

We’re a modern day film production company, a team of doers, makers and over-deliverers. That’s what sets us apart. We’re a mix of young and kinda old, focused on creating stuff for the future. We said ‘stuff’ then, when we could have said ‘content’. Content creators is a term we don’t much like. 

We prefer the less catchy but infinitely more accurate; broad discipline full service video and broadcast production house with a roster of emerging and established directors capable of delivering world class award winning motion. Motion which includes; TVC’s, advertising, documentary, reality and drama TV series, long form, short form, online, social and music video clips. There, we said it.

FOUND AT SEA Films’ Capitan, Dan Trotter, has over 15 years of experience working with broadcasters, brands, publishers and agencies. His crew are an inspiring, hand-picked collection of film makers, passionate and committed to delivering projects that make audiences stop, look, listen and feel.

Our FAS teams are purpose built for each project, specifically tailored to your needs, no unnecessary extras, no additional overheads. Just a lean, agile and friendly service model to get the job delivered to the standards you expect with the highest production value achievable. 


Filmmakers and fishermen forever…