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Filmmaster Productions is the operational core of the Filmmaster Group, responsible for video production.

Founded in 1976, Filmmaster Productions has firmly held its role as a leader in the video production market over the last forty years. Having produced nearly 4,000 adverts, including some of the most well-known advertising campaigns of the last decade, Filmmaster Productions has been recognised with hundreds of Italian and international awards.

One of the production company’s strengths is collaboration with the greatest directors from Italy and beyond, from Federico Fellini to Spike Lee, Michael Haussman, Sam Bayer, Ferzan Ozpetek, David Lynch, Chris Cunningham, Tony Kaye and Paolo Sorrentino.

In 2012 came the creation of Filmmini, the Filmmaster Productions unit known for its agile, flexible, cross-media production model. Its mission is to tap into the new languages of audio/video communications and the new levers of experience marketing, always working within content production. Filmmaster Productions was behind the internationally-enjoyed film “FIAT 500X Blue Pill”, first Italian-produced commercial to ever be broadcast during Super Bowl 2015.