Cummins&Partners Melbourne
Advertising Agency
Melbourne, Australia




Cummins&Partners is a one-stop-shop. This is both our vision and our guiding philosophy. We offer a full suite of marketing services including strategic planning, creative development and execution, digital strategy and development, direct marketing, channel/ media planning (from broadcast to narrowcast 1-to-1), media promotional strategy, consumer research, experimental and full production services.

We believe that media should be “as creative as creative,” and we have been focused on integrating media deep into the strategy and creative process. This fusion allows us to create big ideas that go beyond just the message. We create communities and social networks. We create products. We create media. We create movements. However, most importantly we create customer connections.

Since launching in 2011, we have developed communication partnerships across a diverse number of clients and industries. We are most proud when the quality of our work and the strength of our relationships have allowed our clients to entrust us with even more of their brands and their business.

How do we do it?

We build enduring brand platforms that inspire action.