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Cuba Films & Estonian Production Service
Production Company
Tallinn, Estonia




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Cuba Films & Estonian Production Service is an award-winning production service company located in Tallinn, Estonia.

We offer high-quality production services for commercials, films, TV productions, photo shoots, music videos and content. We are committed to excellence and always focusing on quality and the highest standards, using internationally experienced talents. We service mainly in Estonia but also cover the rest of the Baltics and Finland.

Estonia is an innovative country and your newfound opportunity in the North.

Advantages of the region: 
  • -Safe region
  • -Trustworthy & proffessional
  • -Great variety of locations, which have not yet been seen or over used in the film industry.
  • -Production costs are very competitive 
  • -Quick production permits
  • -Compactness – short distances between very different types of locations – from untouched nature to modern city centers.
  • -Good connections by planes, ships, trains and motorways 
  • -Experienced professionals who speak fluent English
  • -Flexible working hours
  • -No trade union or similar fees
  • -Modern infrastructure
  • -A wide selection of modern camera, lighting and sound technology
  • -Skilled set constructors
  • Commercials
  • Films & TV productions
  • Music videos
  • Photo shoots
  • Content


BMW, VW, HUSQVARNA Motorcycles, Saudia, LIDL, IKEA, Fazer, de Bijenkorf, PANDA, Lego, EBAY and many more.....