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Cinelab London
Film Lab
Slough, United Kingdom
A:715 Banbury Avenue Slough Berkshire, SL1 4LR




Cinelab London is the most comprehensive film laboratory in Europe, providing the widest range of film and digital restoration services to clients who acquire or distribute on film.  From front-end colour and B&W 35mm, 16mm and 8mm neg processing to 35mm feature film distribution printing. We partner with clients across film, commercial, television and music videos and are trusted by the world’s leading content owners to preserve and restore their film and media archives.  Our mission is simple, to support all filmmakers without compromise.  

Cinelab London is the filmmakers’ partner regardless of choice of acquisition or delivery format.  Our team are passionate and innovative film fanatics, empowered to meet creators needs as well as content owners. Cinelab London always deliver highest quality film processing and scanning, our contemporary digital pipeline ensures the experience of working on film is efficient, cost effective and enjoyable.  At the heart of our business are our people, providing excellent client and technical services.  We all passionately care that filmmakers are able to confidently choose film, knowing there is a first class lab partner in London who are part of their production team and are always happy to help.