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Brave Bison is a social video company, specialising in cross-platform video content, connecting global audiences through social media. Its online communities reach over 135 million followers.

Brave Bison is one of the largest YouTube channel partners, with more than 700 channels offering targeted inventory opportunities, alongside in-house specialists that deliver audience development and optimisation. Brave Bison provides expertise across strategy, research, data driven insights, creative and production.

Brave Bison's cultural connections and extensive networks have built long-standing client relationships with brands including P&G, Land Rover and Lego. With more than 70 members of staff across London, Singapore, Japan and Korea, the eight-year-old business continues to stay at the forefront of this fast-moving digital age.

Social Video Strategy
Understanding video on the internet.

We make it our business to understand how video on the internet works, how that curious ecosystem of social platforms exists and how people use it. We understand how culture feeds the internet and vice versa by working with creators and publishing Social Video on social platforms day in, day out.

Platform and audience insight are key; our expertise on digital platforms gives us the intelligence to create and execute ‘audience first’ content strategies for brands.

We work with brands to define their needs in the content space, helping them to crystallise why they should create Social Video, for whom to make it, how to execute it and ultimately how to make a return on investment.

Have a peek at the content strategy we’ve implemented for Shell.

We know how to create video that talks to a generation of curious viewers who grew up holding smartphones, glued to social media.

Social Video Origination
Making video content that people want to watch, talk about and share.

We know how to create video that talks to a generation of curious viewers who grew up holding smartphones, glued to social media. They don’t really want advertising, but they actually quite like brands. IF they can relate to a brand’s message. IF they are being entertained. What’s not to like?

We originate great branded content ideas that are fit for a digital world. Culturally relevant ideas grounded in human insight and informed by data. Real stories about real people because we know that’s what garners engagement. Content fit for purpose on ever-evolving digital platforms.

We also develop our own intellectual property; owned and operated brands, channels and formats feeding big communities. Rather than dip our toe into culture for one-off campaigns, we tap into it in a real and permanent way. We make content with creators day in, day out, allowing us to understand what audiences want to watch and how they want to engage with it.

We conceive and produce Social Video content in-house. We’re fond of working with influencers to make content relatable and big celebrity talent when it’s the right thing to do.

Our secret weapon is Yellowstone Studios, our custom built content studio in Hoxton, London. From brand and creator collaborations to live streams and events; this is where we bring ideas to life.

Check out our influencer work for Hyundai with influencer Sam Kolder, our work in India for Clean & Clear and our Football Manager gaming activation on Slash Football.

Social Video Distribution
Making sure people watch your Social Video.

There’s little point creating great video if no one’s watching it. So we distribute Social Video content; measuring, learning and acting on its performance so we can deliver value to your business. We review content performance based on how sociable it is to the audience, taking an objective, not subjective, approach; analysing performance across all the distribution channels we deliver it through.

Our goal is to create better content, find larger audiences and define better workflows and processes to make Social Video work hard.

Whether it’s owned, paid, through partnerships or via our network of owned and operated properties we have an open mind when it comes to distribution. What’s important to us is that we place and share Social Video content on relevant social platforms, to the right audience in order to achieve genuine engagement.

Our owned and operated social media communities across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reach over 850 million people a week. Our properties, including Slash Football, Viral Vault, Rebel FC, Canvas, Sarah TV and Superviral TV have their own loyal and engaged audiences, which can amplify and drive conversation around brands’ social videos.

We work with brands to manage and distribute on owned channels to ensure that the best Social Video practice is in place and that content is ordered and has a purpose.

We’re tight with over a thousand of the most sought after influencers globally who can form part of a Social Video strategy that connects your brand authentically to millions. We can also help you navigate the often complex subject of rights management and content licensing.

Have a gander at the way we activated Football Manager 18 on Slash Football, see how Art Meets Life on Canvas and how we help Shell with their YouTube content strategy.




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