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Zagreb, Croatia


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Blue Sky Adriatic is a production company with over a decade of experience in facilitating international film production in Croatia and the surrounding region. We work with some of the world’s leading production companies such as Park Pictures, RSA, Anonymous Content, Traktor, Quad, Believe Media, Native Content, Filmmaster, Who’s McQueen, TYO Production, BLM Film and many more, having facilitated for brands such as Visa, Nike, Airbnb, Marlboro, Fiat, General Electric, Kellog’s, Chevrolet, Samsung, Mazda, Pepsi and Sony as well as a number of feature films such as part of Season of the Witch with Nicolas Cage, and also photo shoots such as Royal Caribbean.

Croatia has a long-standing tradition in film and we are able to offer amazing shooting locations, from Mediterranean style, barren islands, deep blue seas as well as forests, mountains and lakes. We are successfully able to match many aspects of Italy, Provence and continental Europe at an affordable price.


As we provide full service, you can count on:

  • ·         Planning and research

·         Cost efficient budgets

·         Adequate shooting locations permitted

·         Casting - we work with casting agencies in Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and other countries in the region

·         Equipment rent – working with both local and international rental companies in order to provide what is required

·         Professional crew – both local and international English speaking personnel with        experience in facilitating international productions

·         Accommodation, transport and other logistical support needed