Senior Effects TD
Post Production
London, UK


- To create innovative and visually stunning CG effects for the commercials team
- Develop workflows, tools, and expertise within the team for dealing with complex scenarios
- Assist with design, optimisation, and troubleshooting of pipeline design
- Observe schedule requirements and delivery deadlines
- Lead teams of artists on commercials when required
- Assist with the training and development of junior artists and FX TDs
- Involvement with bidding and pitching for new business

Knowledge and Experience
- Have a thorough knowledge of the principles of 3D (animation, FX, modelling, texturing, lighting, scripting, shading, rendering, rigging)
- Proven production experience in creating particle, rigid body, fluid, and voxel based simulations (smoke, water, fire, explosions, etc.), to a high standard
- Comfortable with the technical and artistic aspects of CG work
- Familiarity with pipeline issues and problem solving
- Extensive experience in Maya and/or Houdini
- Extensive knowledge of rendering packages e.g. Renderman, Mantra
- Strong understanding of Linux/Unix based operating systems
- Knowledge of Python and/or Mel Scripting is desirable
- A maths, physics, or engineering background (or similar)
- At least 3 years experience in feature films or commercials. Experience in other relevant areas will also be taken into account

Personal Qualities
- Skilled in written and verbal communication
- A creative problem solver, have good attention to detail, and a persistent drive to improve and learn new skills
- Able to work well under pressure whilst maintaining high quality results
- Able to work as part of a team as well as individually
- Self-motivated with strong organisational skills and able to work with little supervision
- Flexible and adaptable

Reports to
- Director of CG