Rainstar Boutique, a commercial, fashion and luxury film production company based in Notting Hill is looking for the right person to join the managing team of the company. 
Have you always wanted to start your own company? Then, this is a real opportunity for you to join the team and become a partner in what is a very exciting time for the company. 
Rainstar specializes in the production of high-quality commercials and short films for fashion, design, luxury and consumer brands. We create inspiring, cinematic films that incorporate a highly sensitive understanding of our  client's identity.
We are looking for someone with strong business, managing and sales skills and the financial backing to be able to invest a few months of entrepreneurial time and spirit together with director Eliza Schroeder to get the company to the next level. 
Clients include Christie's, London Fashion week,  various fashion and beauty brands as well as design clients. 
You can find all the relevant information and work on http://www.rainstarboutique.com
Please email Eliza with information about yourself/ experience / CV if interested: eliza@rainstarboutique.com