Account Director - Integrated - Education - Government
London, UK


Truly that masters an eclectic client base - One day they are winning a fantastic piece of business from a music sector giant and the next day a massive Public Sector contract. The same amount of effort goes into both. Certainly Public Sector work is not considered the poor relation. They are in the groove. They are recruiting in the public sector because of the high demand for their expertise. There is something very different and special about this agency. Someone who will add that something extra to the seriousness of Government campaigns. Someone who cares that the difference they make might is invaluable. Why should the Private Sector get all the best brains working on their accounts? Understand this point and you have this agency in a nutshell! Probably the most balanced agency working in London today. Absolute integrity and and non-biased approach really works for them big time. GR8247