Account Manager - Digital Interactive - Financial
London, UK


This is one of the most inventive blasé trailer agencies in London. Everyone likes to be aware of their latest innovation because they like to copy them! Their digital offer incorporates ecommerce, content management systems, online marketing and design/build, the company also handles live off line promotions and sponsorship for music, sport and fashion. This particular agency client is a major financial “spin off” from norm. They work to the highest possible standards.. They offer the intelligent meticulous professional the perfect environment. They are not a sweat shop. They are inventive, very creative and very different from normal. They only work late when they are forced to. They normally employ slightly eccentric and supremely confident people who know how to conduct business properly. They are very happy to throw the rule book out of the window and find a completely new way of doing things. Nothing is set in stone and they question everything. We know of major client names who think that they are brilliant. No-one has ever heard of them and that is the way they like it. An enigma agency. They never lose business and never have to pitch for it. Everything is retained. Now that is odd! Ref. no.: GR8250