Senior Account Director - Corporate Branding and Innovation
London, UK


This is the land of the “big idea”. They are the creative and strategic custodians of many of the worlds leading brands. They are looking for intelligent and highly accomplished people with a reputation in international branding. There are big names and there are iconic names. How do you get an iconic name? Simple, the work must just speak for itself and then become recognised internationally as a standard. In loose terms you have on your team the best creative’s and the best strategists on the planet. This reputation does come at a price to the customer. Only leading brands can actually afford to employ this agency. The more money that an item costs, the greater the scrutiny on the deliverables. An integral part of the deliverables is the manner in which the solutions are presented. We are looking for a world class presenter/Conference speaker. Someone who is renowned for doing fantastic work or someone who is on the way up and knows that they have got what it takes to supply corporate solutions on demand. No better agency and no better career move. Greg Rees