Senior Scheduler
Post Production
London, United Kingdom


Reports To: Head of Production

The role Senior scheduler is a key part of the production team here at Big Buoy. You’ll be in the heart of the production office booking in schedules, communicating & negotiating with producers and managing the operator’s days whilst making sure all the correct resources are in place for a job to hit delivery.

You’ll be responsible for making sure that you’re looking ahead at future months, flagging and resolving any potential resource issues that would cause a problem. It is important that when allocating resources, you are thinking of the most cost-effective route to carry out each job.

You’ll be responsible of the booking of freelancers and negotiating their daily rate. You will also be responsible for training and supporting the junior members of the team.

Day to day duties:

• Send evening email informing what the operators are working on and where for the following day.

• Ensure that the time allotted to jobs is the most efficient so that clients do not get turned away due to lack of resources.

• Ensure that reception and all other relevant parties are aware of meetings and bookings

• Be aware of conversations in the production office that require action, for example a schedule pushing back.

• Take general calls - It is essential that all calls to production are answered and that clients feel they are being cared for.

• When clients call with new enquiries and a producer is not available, take the brief ensuring that all relevant details are noted to be passed to the production team. Let the client know who will be helping them and when that will be.

• Assist producers as/ if required, checking with the head of production where their assistance is most required.

Skills Required:

• Strong organisational skills and the ability to multitask.

• Good listening skills.

• Excellent communication & negotiation skills.

• Familiarity with ScheduALL, ceta, Xytech or similar bookings software.

• Strong knowledge of online facility services, infrastructure and VFX pipelines.

• Good team player.

• Calm under pressure.

• Proactive & problem solving.