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Junior Flame Artist
Post Production
London, United Kingdom


Overview of role

 A Junior Flame Artist will assist more experienced Flame artists in the preparation and completion of jobs as well as completing simpler jobs independently.

The role will be partly based in a suite working closely with more senior operators and his/her clients assisting the operator in the completion of jobs – ranging from small ‘hourly’ bookings/clocks and laybacks, through to longer more involved projects.

The role will also involve running smaller jobs independently without the assistance of a senior operator.

Part or the role will be for the junior to develop their skills by learning from Seniors and by self-improvement using online training materials.

An interest in Photography and filmmaking technology is preferable.

    Key responsibilities


    Conforming edits including manipulating EDLs, understanding vari-speeds, dissolves, wipes etc.

    Working with offline edits, eye-matching material.

    Clocking and laybacks.

    QC & Mastering requirements including the knowledge of technical areas, 4:3 / 14:9 / 16:9 type safety, PAL, NTSC & HD deliveries

    Understanding of Clearcast rules for legal type and size, flashing.

    Organising media for archiving & liaising with Bookings to ensure the space is managed efficiently on the Flames.

    Ensuring archives are using protocolled labelling systems.

    Compositing 2D elements, CGI elements, and the creation and integration of motion GFX.

    Solving creative problems using simple, efficient techniques, and reacting enthusiastically to client notes.

    Ability to communicate effectively with clients.

    Ability to react to changes efficiently and meet delivery deadlines.

    Ability to demonstrate creative thinking.

    Some knowledge of 3D software packages such as C4D & Maya.


      Have the ability to deal with client issues quickly and effectively, seeking assistance when required.

      Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients providing assistance and advice as and when required.

      Ability to communicate effectively with clients.


        Take responsibility for own learning and development.

        Assist Senior Flame Artists effectively with enthusiasm.

        Liaising with all levels of management and staff


          Will be required to breakdown and quote on simple VFX projects.