VFX Producer
Post Production
London, United Kingdom


Do you fancy a bright, new challenge in the world of VFX production? We are looking for several people to join our team. For all positions you must share our passion for the industry, our commitment to hard work and a desire to be the best you can be.

In return we can offer you a rewarding position, constant challenges, being part of an amazing and inspiring team of people and the chance to take your career forward.

You will have over 3 years experience in the London VFX scene and be immersed in the advertising, vfx and creative industries. You will have good knowledge of all CGI platforms and all compositing techniques and be able to demonstrate this with the body of work you have produced. You will be equally as comfortable in suites, overseeing work as you will be in client meetings. You will also have a desire to be part of the revenue-generating process by developing your own client base, a process you will have already started.

Salary TBC but will be an improvement on your current position

To enquire about or apply for the position, please email Executive Producer, Donna Head; dhead@smoke-mirrors.com