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Artistic Director
Commercial Production
London, United Kingdom
The Role: Moving image content comes about in various ways. Sometimes we conceptualise an idea and have the full ability to shoot and bring to life that idea exactly as we would like. Other times, we conceptualise an idea and need to use existing archival footage to bring it to life. In the first instance, we go out into the industry and find the best directors to elevate that concept through their own treatments. In the second instance, we partner with a creative editorial facility to elevate it. Our ambition is to approach all moving image content in the same way. For content that we conceptualise and shoot, this elevation first takes place during the concept sell-in phase. It takes the creative idea and applies a visual and sound approach that shows the idea in the most visually and emotionally impactful way to excite the clients. This is then shared with those best in class directors to further elevate it into execution. For content that we conceptualise and leverage archival footage, this elevation also first takes place during the concept sell-in phase but then also carries through with the partnership of the creative editorial facility to further elevate it in execution. The person in this role is a partner with the ideation team as well as the execution team. Their focus is to visually and emotionally elevate the idea through the process. This person could be a former agency creative director that became a commercial director or could be a creative director from inside a production company. This person is not responsible for the conception of the idea but for taking the idea and enhancing it through the stages of the execution. Candidate should have; Extensive experience in producing high-level creative work in a pressured environment as a creative, or director A strong visual aesthetic and understand the technical steps needed to achieve this A deep knowledge and understanding of the shoot, editorial and post-production processes, techniques and technology Excellent interpersonal skills Strong people management skills Candidate should be; A collaborative, enthusiastic individual with the ability to lead by example and support the team and creative ambition Professional, hard-working and have a high level of emotional intelligence and integrity Pro-active not reactive Candidate should be able to; Conceive, develop and implement multiple creative executional solutions to creative concepts provided by multiple agencies Able to articulate their vision and concepts in a clear and engaging manner Present ideas and concepts to senior stakeholders with confidence and empathy Reinforce team approach throughout Maintain lasting client relationships internally and externally Support and solicit input from team members at all levels
London, United Kingdom
We are looking for the dogs bollocks of sales reps to come and work for Good Boy Wolf and in particular Mr Wolf. He is a photographer and director who shoots across the advertising sector. His work is globally recognised (for all the right reasons) and he wants a creative, imaginative, thought provoking sales rep to come on board and help bring jobs in.  You won't find a more relaxed, easy person to work with. Mr Wolf is notorious for creating filmic images and films that raise the Dwayne Johnson eyebrow and makes the heart skip a few beats in the way it does when the bass drops in a tune.  You get to work from home, in your pants, with a bottle of beer, coffee or a Pina Colada to whet the lips. It probably requires two full days a week, and he is more than happy for you to spread this over the 5 days as work, emails and requests come in. Advertising never sleeps, they say. (which is a lot of bollocks as it sleeps long and hard right now) but given time, he wants to hit the ground running.  Mr Wolfs work can be seen at Check it out when you have time. Would love to know your thoughts.  Once we are free to run the cobbles of London, we can work from Soho House and mix it up between there and home.  We need someone who knows London, the cultures of advertising, bags of contacts, great at networking and be able to dance a little when the party drops in Cannes. Renumeration is commission based, plus a basic pay. Commission is a bloody hefty one as well. Wait.... 25% is what you will receive. You won't find more across London. It will help pay for holidays when Priti works out her job, over priced cocktails in Soho or even an unattainable deposit for your first London flat over time.  You don't need to be senior, you can be junior, you could of been a creative, a rock star who can't party anymore or simply someone who can talk to anyone about anything. What is important, is your drive and contacts.  Can't wait to hear from you, and remember to include your CV, a little cover letter and what you think of the work on the website.  Looking for a start ASAP, but like we said, we are relaxed, horizontal BUT always f**king notorious. 
Toronto, Canada
NFA is looking for a new creative resource manager to assign the right players to the right plays, and ensure everyone is set up to win.  We’re in need of an exceptional communicator and collaborator, super organized, and ready to thrive within a high-performance environment. Someone who is structured but fluid, flexible, and curious. Someone who can assess the task, understand the client and the opportunity, and put together the right mix of brains to tackle any project.  All while keeping workloads manageable (as possible, in advertising), a finger on the pulse of the freelance creative network, and strong working relationships across the broader NFA organization. Requirements The ideal candidate is:  5+ years’ experience as a creative manager, resource manager, or project manager.  Prior experience in agency or creative production environment strongly preferred.  Proven track record of managing priorities to help your team produce on time and top-notch deliverables for their clients in a fast-paced environment.  Excellent written and communication skills and the know how to manage multiple personalities with ease—a natural networker and self-motivated individual.  Someone who puts the team first and aims to create team success.  An understanding of digital resource management is also an asset.