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Huge Gives Zumba Website a New Look

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by Huge

Digital agency reimagine Zumba's e-commerce experience

Huge Gives Zumba Website a New Look

Zumba partnered with digital agency Huge to redesign the brand's website and to reimagine Zumba's e-commerce experience by integrating various parts of the brand's online identity to create a more unified shopping experience for consumers.  

The new Zumba.com focuses on two essential user needs: shopping the Zumba catalog and helping consumers to locate a Zumba class. The site welcomes users to Zumba's offerings (featuring a simple-to-use "find a class" module), as well as program information and health tips. 

The e-commerce section of the site features a streamlined checkout and incorporates product reviews to ensure that shoppers are confident and satisfied with their purchase choices. A fun "Shop this Look!" feature combines different clothing gear to construct a personalized Zumba look for shoppers while they explore and digitally browse through the site. 

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