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BlueRock Welcomes Back Editor, Geordie Anderson

lbbonline.com, 3 years, 5 months ago

New York-based editorial shop re-adds top editor back into their roster.

BlueRock Welcomes Back Editor, Geordie Anderson


New York-based creative editorial shop BlueRock has welcomed one of New York’s top editors, Geordie Anderson, back to its roster.
A native of Australia, Anderson moved to the United States and joined BlueRock in 2004 before heading to Union Editorial to become a partner. He’s since amassed an impressive list of commercial credits, cutting for ad agencies such as JWT, Y&R, McCann, Publicis and Saatchi & Saatchi and top brands like MTV, Ikea, LG, Ford, Motorola and AT&T, among many others.
After a successful four years at Union, he decided to return to the BlueRock fold, attracted by the company’s supportive and creatively-focused environment, forward-thinking approach to client service and seamless integration of editorial, VFX, 3D, audio and finishing services.
“As a long time fan of Geordie's work,” said Ethel Rubinstein Owner/CEO, BlueRock, “and as someone involved in Geordie's original relocation to New York, I am ecstatic that he is back at BlueRock.”
“Simply put, there is no place like BlueRock in this business. On every level – talent, staff, technical support and hardware – it’s superb,” Anderson said of his decision to rejoin BlueRock. “There is no need that isn't anticipated and met 1,000% by their talent. It’s hard to express how exciting it is to be back.”
Anderson is the third major addition to BlueRock’s diverse editorial roster this year after award-winning editor Jordan Green signed on in April and John Mahoney joined in January.