Entry Rules, Terms and Conditions

The Immortal Awards is a global advertising competition open to all members of Little Black Book. Members may submit up to five entries for consideration, depending on their membership.

All entries must be made for a commissioning client. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that they have the commissioning client/brand-owning company’s permission to enter the work.

All submissions will be made online via The Immortal Awards entry system.

Key Dates

Entries Open: Monday 29th March 2021

Deadline: Friday 10th September 2021

Online Judging: Monday 20th September - Friday 1st October

LATAM Judging: Tuesday 12th October

North America Judging: Friday 15th October

MEA Judging: Tuesday 19th October

Asia Pacific Judging: Friday 22nd October

Europe Judging: Thursday 4th November

Global Shortlist Announced: Monday 15th November

Final Round of Judging: Thursday 18th November

Winners Announced: Week of November 30th



You must have an active Little Black Book subscription throughout the judging period for your entry or entries to qualify for The Immortal Awards. The final round of judging takes place in November 2021.

Campaigns and single entries must have first aired, broadcast, displayed, launched or published between 1st September 2020 and 31st August 2021.

Entrants may not submit a campaign or single entry that they have entered in previous years.

Once entries are submitted, they cannot be amended or withdrawn after 10th September 2021.

All work submitted must be in the exact form that it was aired, broadcast, displayed, launched or published in. Conceptual advertising, director’s cuts and spec ads are not eligible.

Little Black Book may refuse entries that are offensive, in bad public taste or breach advertising codes, ethics or morals.

Little Black Book may contact the client or any related parties regarding the authenticity and validity of a submission if the jury raises any questions or makes any requests at any point during the voting process.

All entries into The Immortal Awards must be created from the location that the entrant's profile page is billed or registered to. For example, an entry from France cannot be submitted by a page registered to a UK address. This is to ensure that all League Table of Creativity data is correct when filtered by office, network and location.

Entries are non-transferable between offices and/or pages. Little Black Book may remove entries that are not created in the location that they are submitted from.

Number of Entries

Any LBB member can enter work into The Immortal Awards. Each member’s number of entries is dependent on their level of membership. For the 2021 competition, these are:

Gold - 5

Silver - 2

Bronze - 1

It’s not possible to purchase additional entries outside of your current LBB membership. Bronze members may upgrade their membership to receive additional entries.

To purchase a membership, or to upgrade your current membership, please contact paulm@lbbonline.com

You must have an active Little Black Book subscription throughout the judging period for your entry or entries to qualify for The Immortal Awards. The final round of judging takes place in November 2021.

If your LBB subscription expires between the entry system closing and the final round of judging, your subscription must be renewed for your work to remain eligible, and it must be renewed to the level that it was at the time your entries were made.

For example, if you make five entries on a Gold subscription which then expires, you must renew your subscription on the Gold level for your entries to remain in the competition.



A campaign unites a central creative concept or idea across multiple executions and/or media types. Whether it’s a multi-media or single-medium campaign, entrants will be judged on their effectiveness and creativity across a number of executions. Primarily for entrants to submit overarching ideas and campaigns, entrants must include a minimum of two campaign elements which can be of the same medium.


When it comes to story-telling, film is one of advertising’s most traditional mediums and is the backbone of many advertiser and brand campaigns. This medium includes all moving image content, regardless of duration, from traditional TVCs and promos to fashion films and branded content (and anything in between).


Entries into this medium must be more than just noise, telling brand stories and communicating brand messages sonically and innovatively. This medium includes creativity in sonic communication and technology across all aural content, from radio broadcasting, audio streaming (eg Spotify, Soundcloud ads), podcasts, internet advertising and downloadable content.


With film covering all traditional and non-traditional moving image entries, this medium is the home of the still imagery and design. Celebrating print, poster, photography and flat-packaging work, this medium includes all types of printed materials and awards entries in published media, including books, magazines and covers as well as posters.


Anything that exists and embraces digital media and technologies – including desktop, tablet and mobile platforms – to interact with an audience can enter into the digital category. Entrants into this category will embrace creativity that is experienced digitally, including (but not limited to) VR, AR, AI, apps and websites.


Outdoor and experiential executions appear in public spaces or are experienced out of home. Entries into this category include, but are not limited to, activations, billboards (both traditional and digital), immersive experiences and live events.


The Product & Invention category is the home of creativity that communicates a brand’s message through a physical invention, product or tool. Entries into this category include, but are not limited to, electronics, fashion, furniture, homeware and wearables.



For traditional brand-led campaigns and/or single entries that showcase incredible ideas, exceptionally executed

This category will celebrate incredible ideas, exceptionally executed. Entries into this category are for majority of traditional brand-led campaigns and/or single entries.


For charity, pro-bono and restricted budget clients whose campaigns and/or single entries have a public service element

Celebrating creativity that positively impacts culture and helps progress the world, Social Good is the home of campaigns and single entries that go beyond impacting brands by offering a public service element. Whether it’s a charitable organisation, a non-governmental organisation or a public service initiative, clients are willing to take bigger creative risks on smaller budgets. Entrants into this category will be judged separately to traditional brand-led campaigns.


For medicinal and healthcare clients with campaigns and/or single entries that are highly restricted and regulated

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries pose immense challenges to creativity thanks to their highly restricted and regulated nature. Entries into this specialist category take this into account, recognising and understanding the approaches to, and execution of, creativity under such conditions. Entrants into this category will be judged separately to traditional brand-led campaigns.


For media agencies, PR companies and data-driven campaigns

Not only is it enough for incredible ideas to be exceptionally executed, they must be ingeniously implemented to stand out in this ever-expanding multi-channel world. From media agencies devising unique channel strategies, to PR agencies building trust through earned-media exposure, entries into this category will see the creative use of data, insight, planning and strategy at their hearts in attempts to engage consumers.

MUSIC VIDEO (Entries into Film only)

Exclusively for music video entries made into the Film medium

New for 2019, the music video category has been added into the film medium as a home for exceptional and original music videos that promote an artist, band, album or track. The category celebrates original music content and may include films which utilise interactivity, such as AR, VR and mixed reality.



File Sizes & Formats

Please follow the guide on the submission form for suitable file sizes and formats at the point of submission.

Entrant companies will be contacted for hi-res files if their submissions reach the final round of judging and/or The Immortal Awards Showcase.




This year, there will be regional finals in North America, LATAM, Europe, MEA and Asia Pacific, with the winners from each region qualifying for the final round of judging in New York.

Each region will have its own dedicated jury. A hand-picked grand jury, composed of jurors from each regional jury, will judge the final round.

In the first round of judging, each regional jury will score all entries in a round of online judging. The results of this round then generate a regional shortlist. The shortlist will be announced on Little Black Book

In the second round of judging, each regional jury will come together to discuss and debate the shortlisted entries. Each regional jury will fight for the very best work from their respective territory, with prizes for winners in each region. The winners qualify for the final round of judging. 

In the final round of judging, the grand jury will come together to discuss and debate the regional winners to decide which entries, if any, receive Immortal or Commendation status.

The results of the final round of judging will be announced in December 2021.



The Rules Regarding Scam Entries

Work entered and shortlisted ahead of live judging will be screened by organisers to the best of our ability. Work that evades detection during this process and receives a trophy but is later found to have contravened the above rules will be stripped of the award.

Any entrant company found to have entered explicitly fake work – that is work that has been created for a non-existent client or work that has either never been run or has been run without the approval of clients – will receive a three year ban on entering The Immortal Awards.

Any entrant company found by the organisers and jurors to contravene the spirit of the Immortal Awards, for example, by misleading organisers and jurors as to the veracity of their case or the nature of their involvement in a project, will receive up to a three year ban.